Why "Caladri"???

"Caladri" comes from "Caladrius", a mythological bird sometimes found in medieval bestiaries (and very occasionally on Saturday Night Live episodes.) It is often associated with Jesus Christ and is said to have been able to heal a person by looking at them, by taking their illness into itself; if it averted its gaze, however, the sick person was doomed.

My partner Corvi introduced me to both the Caladrius and the name Caladri, and likes to conceive of it as a white raven, and that image sticks with me. I came to identify with it, although I'm still not sure of the religious and mythological implications, and how I see those in myself. (Or at least, I'm not sure how willing I am to publicly identify those things in myself.)

With time, I've come to prefer to go by Caladri (or, really, caladri), at least on the Internet.