I am a mycophile. I find learning about mushrooms, observing them, identifying them, eating them, and using them for other purposes to be deeply fascinating.

In most parts of my life, I am interested in how small things, gathered together, spread out to have a great impact; there can be few more fascinating examples of that than the whole kingdom Fungi, and in particular their beautiful, visible forms, from typical agariciform mushroom to the fine geometry of crust fungi.

I am very interested in the ecology of Tubaria punicea and Pseudohydnum gelatinosum s.l. in particular, and am generally interested in DNA barcoding as part of citizen science, to improve phylogenetic information, and also to make definitive identification of difficult species.

I would like to be contacted by fellow-travellers with similar interests who would like to get up to no good (or publish research) together.

I am sporadically active on iNaturalist, and my observations there are a good indicator of the kinds of fungi I find charistmatic.